Friday, September 16, 2011


There were so many moments here in DC that took my breath away.

Coming face-to-face (kind of) with President Lincoln. These were my first moments in DC. *major lump in throat*

Seeing, in person, such an ugly part of our history. Understanding the arbitrary nature of "race" on a deeper level.

Finding my beloved state in the World War II Memorial.

The President's helicopter landing on the South Lawn. I just HAPPENED to be walking by. Feeling incredibly blessed.

The same grand house from the other side at night.

The Capitol lit up in the evening.

The Marine Memorial. Learning this was only Day 5 of the Battle for Iwo Jima. Finding out that one of the Marines was a Native American man who later died of alcoholism by falling in a creek and drowning. Tragedy on so many levels.

And The Wall. The Vietnam War Memorial. Stark. Stoic. Simple. Breathtaking.

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