Sunday, July 28, 2013

Camping at Canyon Ferry Lake

Ahhh, our first camping trip in way too long! It was, as they always are, a lot of work work work - getting ready fro the trip, cooking outside, hauling stuff up and down a hill to our campsite, but oh, it was fun.

A sweet little beach, almost completely to ourselves. Cool, clear water to swim and swim and swim in. Lovely views of the lake from the site. Time together. Waking up in a tent - one of my favorite things in the world. Finally, some relief from the heat yesterday afternoon and this morning. Ahhh...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Symphony Under the Stars

It's an amazing community event. Music, food, friends, just about everyone in town really. Lounging on blankets, cuddling with kiddos, enjoying the sites and the sounds and, as the evening goes on, the starts. Can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Other Parts of our "Our Outside"

The back garden, which I've featured a lot on my blog, isn't the only beautiful part of our property. Above is our front garden, complete with a welcome sign, three happy salvias, and two busy gnomes.

Here is a sweet moment near the kitchen window in the back.

This is Eric's garden in the side yard. While my space is all about charm, his is all about volume, as my mother says. :)

Speaking of my mother, here is the rhubarb that was transplanted from her property a few years ago.

It's an "on year" for our apple tree. There will be lots to harvest here.

This pot of nasturtiums sits on the front porch.

Along with this pail of pink zinnias. That color! It makes me happy.

This clematis hangs on to the front of our house.

More than just gardening goes on in our back yard as well. Here, some tea is brewing. So tasty!

Here are some bed sheets are drying in the breeze. So fresh!

Here's where we enjoy meals on the patio.

Here are some nasturtium in our 70s-style half-barrels. So retro!

Here is where we just hang out sometimes.

And here is a crocheted table cover I made the other day. Inspired by this blogger and this blogger.

And here is one of the baskets that hangs on the patio.

I'm so grateful for all of the corners of "our outside!"