Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Laptop Lunch Love

I admit it. I'm a Laptop Lunch nerd. I'm not near as fancy as some people with them, but I do enjoy putting a tasty, pretty lunch together for my girls.

This weekend I sewed up these little cloth napkins to go with their lunches. Two sets for each girl from scraps of fabric I had on hand.

Then I bought these sporks at the sporting goods store. They came in a set of three! Just for my girls.

Here is a photo of the sporks on the napkins in case you were wondering how they would look together.

Then, I bought these salt/pepper shakers at the same sporting goods store. Just. Adorable. And perfect for encouraging them to eat the hard boiled egg I put in their lunch. I love giving them hard boiled eggs: cheap, easy, protein. Perfect.

And here's how it looks all put together. Again, in case you were wondering.

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