Monday, January 14, 2013

An Epic Weekend

I had a great weekend facilitating a Leadership Seminar Series event at the Hotel Finlen in Butte, America, for The Policy Institute, Montana's Progressive Think Tank.

There were funny moments, and sweet moments, and even a few epic moments. Examples of epic: my niece and I singing "I Don't Know Much, But I Know I Love You" at a karaoke bar. Watching a gay marriage proposal at the same bar. Hanging out with the most amazing emerging progressive leaders around.

More epic-ness: The woman I'm posing with in the bottom row was our keynote speaker Denise Juneau, Montana's Superintendent of Public Instruction. She's the first Native American, man or woman, to be elected to state-wide office in our state. A true historical figure. An inspiration to many. I'm proud to know her. Can you tell by my cheesy grin?


Today I stayed home with two sick kiddos. Planning and executing these events takes a lot out of me. I'm tired. Things will slow down for me now. I'm glad.

It's all white outside and all quiet inside. Just what I needed.

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