Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Garden Tour

 It's coming along! I'm sick of weeding already.

The herb wheel is really filling in! I got the three little birds on sale at Costco for $9.97. Such a deal! I love three of just about anything. They remind me of my three precious daughters. (Awww...)

The peas are climbing, and this afternoon, I saw a couple of blossoms.

We've been eating lettuce salads every evening, along with...

...radishes! Here, too, are my sparkly toenails, and my cute rainbow flippy-floppies.

I can't believe how happy the onions are. I need to learn how to best preserve them.

The beans don't like the cool weather. They need some heat! It will come soon, little beans.

I just can't wait for my sunflowers to grow tall and strong, and to bloom! Such a cheery sight.

The chives finally bloomed. Did they ever! I have a bouquet on my kitchen counter. They're like a bright purple burst of pure happiness.

Thanks for coming along on my garden tour. Did I say I was sick of weeding already? It's not so bad. Really.

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