Friday, July 12, 2013


My sweet mom turned 75 last month! Here she is with four of her 13 great-grandchildren blowing out 25 of her 75 candles! It was quite a celebration.

Here are the three cakes.

Here is one of my adorable great-nieces, Abigail. Something tells me she's been eating some of the cake.

Oh, and here's another cutie, my newest great-nephew, Elijah.

And, there's another adorable great-nephew, Keller.

Here's Granny dancing with little Hannah.

This one didn't hold still much, so I'm glad I got this shot.

Look at this handsome fella - Jonathan! The oldest of his generation in our family.

And, here's his baby sister, Chloe. This one is a charmer, she is. She said to me, "I like the pretty flowers on your shirt." Melted. My. Heart.

Here's another of her big brothers, Nathan. He's growing so fast!

 Yet another adorable great-niece, Eleanor. Isn't she gorgeous?!

Here's her twin brother, Brody. Doesn't it look like he's saying, "Hey girl. You know I love ya, baby." I imagine he'll break a couple of hearts at least.

And here's my mom with 8 of her 13 grandchildren and 12 of her 13 great-grandchildren. Quite a crew!

Happy birthday Mom!

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