Saturday, March 20, 2010


My posting came to an abrupt halt last week because I made a very big decision - I'm running for the Montana state legislature, seeking to represent House District 78 in the House of Representatives. It's going to be a huge commitment of time and energy, but after prayerful consideration and seeking some wise council, I've decided to jump in to the race.

The sensation was like being at the top of a huge water slide, knowing the ride would be fun, but terrified to push yourself forward. Well I pushed, and the ride has been awesome so far! The nice thing about this commitment is that it has an end: June 8 is primary day, November 2 is the general election, then the legislative session runs from January - April of 2011. Yes, the hours will be long and my girls are young, but I think there could be no better example for them at this point than their mom working hard toward a lifelong dream that could concretely make their state, and their lives, better.

Of course this all means I'll be able to spend less time in this wonderful space, which makes me kind of sad. But there is a season for everything in life. There are many things I want to do in my hopefully long life. For now, it's this race. Here I go...



  1. Again, so proud and excited for you! I hope you get a little crafting in here and there to soothe your soul, but going after your dreams will not leave you empty! Love you...

  2. Molly, that is so wonderful!!!! Congratulation...and best of luck on your campaign. Montana will be blessed to have you.