Saturday, March 13, 2010


My sweet kitty and her love of warm, freshly folded laundry. She makes even the most annoying tasks pleasant with her presence.

the granny chic flickr group | I just love this aesthetic and apparently I'm not alone.

the raccoon commercial | This is EXACTLY how I talk to my cat. (My husband thinks I'm such a dork, but he loves her just as much as I do.) We all roared with laughter when we first saw this commercial.

the idea of making a terrarium | Maybe it's the lack of green outside even thought it's March. Maybe it's the small scale of the project that makes it seem so possible. Either way I'm hoping to put one of these together soon. First I have to find the perfect jar at a thrift store. No sense in buying something like that new...

What are YOU loving today?

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